The official opening of the Groot Handelsgebouw was performed by the Queen Juliana in the presence of the architect mr. Maaskant in 1953.

The Association of Tenants of Space in the Groot Handelsgebouw was established by a notarial deed on 27 June 1984. The Notarial deed has been updated in 2016.

Under the chairmanship of Mr. Frank Holsmuller, treasurer Mr. Herman Lindenhof and secretary Mr. Frans Engels, the Vereeniging has profiled itself strongly. Meetings were held regularly throughout the year, presentations of new tenants and drinks were organized.

At the annual meeting on September 2015, Mr. Frank Holsmuller and Mr. Frank Lindenhof resigned, after being active for 7 and 13 years. By now Mr. Frans Engels already made available his position as secretary.

Candidates have been found and the board now consists of the following persons.
Mr., Jelle de Haar (chairman), Mr. Dirk Remery (treasurer) and Mr. Leo Granneman (secretary).

The meetings with the board and management of the GHG have continued. 4 meetings are held annually separately with board and with GHG, which includes the general members’ meeting. Minutes are taken of these meetings and these minutes are available from the association.

At the GMM, discussions are held with the members about the current state of affairs and a representative of the GHG will explain the service costs for which we as tenants are charged. The GHG will also give a presentation of the current state of affairs within the building and the facilities as well as provide an insight into the future of the building.

By becoming a member (costs EUR 25 per year) we can make ourselves even stronger towards the GHG.

Board of the Association of Tenants of the Groot Handelsgebouw.